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Go to Escape from Colditz 3D

Escape from Colditz 3D

3D version of the well-known board game “Escape from Colditz”. Now you can try to escape or to avoid it in the authentic group of buildings of the former nazi prison of Colditz Castle

Labyrinth of cubes

Set of cubes with which you can form a circuit in three dimensions for the passage of a marble. Each cube contains several possible paths and there are different types of cube to be able to conform great variety of trayectories

Go to Opel Admiral 1939

Opel Admiral 1939

Designed as part of the board game “Escape from Colditz”, it reproduces faithfully the favourite vehicle of nazi officers during WWII

Go to Iphone & Iwatch Charger

Iphone & Iwatch Charger

Support designed to hold at the same time an Iphone and an Iwatch during charging process

About us

We develop all kind of projects, seeking to innovate and make reality the most diverse ideas came out from our imagination

Our workshop and technical office allows us to design and manufacture a wide variety of jobs: 3D modeling, 3D printing, everything related to woodwork ...
and any technology that allows us to carry out our ideas


You can also participate...your ideas are welcome


Endless source of ideas and founder of Le Chat Mécanique


Collaborator: health section
Psychologist, Occupational Therapist and Speech Therapist of recognized prestige collaborates with us especially in the branch dedicated to the health

Míchel Calzada

Occasional Contributor
Mechanical engineer, his ability to innovate has no limits

javier martín

Occasional Contributor
Graduated in chemistry, his ability to work, persistence and imagination are his best virtues

"There is something more important than logic: it is the imagination"

Alfred Hitchcock (1899-1980) Film director.

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