Escape from Colditz 3D

3D version of the well-known board game “Escape from Colditz”:

Combining plastic parts made with 3d printer, wood cut with laser, printed paper and ornamental elements for natural environment we have created an adaptation of the best seller from the 80’s, based on real events occurred in a nazi maximum security prison for officers during WWII.

Now you can try to escape or to avoid it in the authentic group of buildings of the former nazi prison of Colditz Castle

  • Colditz 3D - Front view

Every detail has been recreated with care, to the extend that even favourite German officers vehicle has been designed and built, the Opel Admiral from 1938/9

  • Opel Admiral CAD.1

Inaugural game gave faith about how fun and playable this 3d version of “Escape from Colditz” is:

  • Partida inaugural Colditz 3d.1
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2 thoughts on “Escape from Colditz 3D

  • You have made a spectacular model of colditz castle and I have been a big fan of the board game since I was a boy. It would breathe new life into the game if it was played on a 3D board that was true to the game.

    Are these available for sale and at what cost?

    • Hello Barrie,

      So far I have only one finished model (the one you have seen in my webpage).
      I am currently building 3 more, however I have never sent anyone abroad and I am afraid that It could be seriously damaged during transport.
      The model I already have costs 350€+tax (It was the first model and It has some small defects). New models cost 500€+tax.
      Where do you live?

      Kindle regards,


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