Escape from Colditz 3D

3D version of the well-known board game “Escape from Colditz”: Combining plastic parts made with 3d printer, wood cut with laser, printed paper and ornamental elements for natural environment we have created an adaptation of the best seller from the 80’s, based on real events occurred in a nazi maximum security prison for officers during WWII. Now you can Read more about Escape from Colditz 3D[…]

Fencing medals spring 2017

Destined to reward the three first fencers (masculine and feminine categories) of the poule held in Valladolid (Lalo Garcia sports centre) on spring 2017. The medal has been designed using 3D modeling software and made using plastic printing, utilizing metallic paint simulating gold, silver and bronze.

Fluid-mechanical sewage utilization

The purpose of this project is the study of the potential energy utilization from the fluid-mechanical point of view of the waste water generated in a residential building. At present the potential energy contained in the fluids drained from each of the toilets, sinks and appliances is wasted, being dumped directly into the general sanitation Read more about Fluid-mechanical sewage utilization[…]

Iphone & Iwatch charger

Support designed to hold at the same time an Iphone and an Iwatch during charging process. Both devices setting allow perfect display and utilization when charging is in progress Developed in collaboration with Míchel Calzada, it took several prototypes to achieve a satisfactory result